Having a copy of all your important data in Outlook is a boon when you face disastrous situations. This page covers a vast area regarding Outlook and how to get outlook backup using Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate which is as easy as a piece of cake.

Outlook is a lot different from other mailing accounts. Outlook is more advanced. Apart from sending emails outlook can do a lot more things. Outlook is considered as a commercialized mailing system, in which you can add your other mailing application such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and much more. Now that you understand the main feature of Outlook, let us take a step further on how you can backup Outlook of different version starting from Outlook 2000- 2016.


How to take Backup of Outlook

The first and foremost thing is you download the Software and run it, below given are the following steps for Outlook backup:

Step 1- Choose Backup option from the Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate launching page.

Step 2- You can then choose Smart Backup option for creating an entire backup of your PST file or you can also choose Advanced Backup to choose the attributes of the PST files according to your choice.

Step 3-  You can view the Backup Summary and click on the Finish tab.

Backup can be also done using the Export option in Outlook, but all the attributes, settings and configuration will NOT be backed up. This is where you need a tool like Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate from a complete backup of your Outlook data.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is an application that helps in backing up Microsoft Outlook attributed and Settings at the same time by just one click. The software doesn’t occupy much space and is user-friendly. In spite of the number of profiles in the outlook account, the software can easily back-up and restore them whenever you need it.  The software provides two different options to make the Outlook backup process easy.
Smart Backup: It takes a complete backup of your Outlook mailbox, journals, contacts, profiles, notes, including the configuration, personal settings, rules, attributes which the manual method cannot do.
Advanced Backup: The is a special feature which enables you to take backup of specific Outlook attributes. If you need to take a backup of only the pst file, the software helps you to achieve it.

Note- If at all you want to backup your calendar, the application will backup the entire calendar items from Outlook which will include the reminders, appointments, schedules for the meeting, etc.

In short this software is a solution for Outlook backup, compatible with all versions of Outlook especially 2007, 2013 and 2016 in Windows

Salient Features of Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate

There are reasons why Remo Backup Outlook and Backup is considered one amongst the best software for Outlook users. The software doesn’t just create a backup of your outlook .pst data file. There are few high-lighted features that need to be understood. These are the points that will make you understand how to get a backup of outlook easily.

  • Backup Automatically - The software has been designed with an internal scheduler, which will help you to schedule the backup of your Outlook on monthly, weekly or even on daily basis.
  • Protected Backup file- You can protect your Outlook.PST data by setting a password in order to avoid unauthorized access.
  • User-friendly and Handy Interface - The interface of the software is created in a more interactive and easy-to-handle manner. This will help the user back-up Outlook folder without any difficulty.
  • Store the backed-up in any storage device- This feature in the software helps to create an Outlook Personal folder back-up and you can save it at any storage devices. The back-up can be stored in any location such as CD/DVD, pen drives, hard drives.
  • Compatibility with Outlook - You can take the backup of the entire Outlook along with its attributes and settings on any of the versions of outlook such as Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016.
  • You can compress the copy that was backed up or even separate the backup file according to the space availability.
  • The back-up tool will create 4 points for restoring, this will help you to get back the outlook to the previous state if any file corruption occurs in your Outlook.
  • The technical and customer supportive team is always available on your call to help and guide you for any assistance.